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      Among the objectives of Taekwondo Europe is to remain the leading Continental Union in the Olympic Games. Therefore, the upcoming taekwondo generation representing Europe in the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 is in the spotlight, ensuring that its competency and taekwondo level skills will bring more 'Olympic' recognitions.

On that account, Taekwondo Europe introduces 'Generation 24' ; a project targeting to develop taekwondo Kids and Cadets.

'Generation 24' includes the implementation of regional Kids and Cadets events, enhancing in this way the progress and advancement of these age categories and their future inclusion to the elites of taekwondo.

Learn more about 'Generation 24' in the attached file below, with detailed information on the project, its vision, mission, aim, structure and rules and regulations applied for the participating countries.


'Generation 24' - Taekwondo Europe

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