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     Two years have passed since the last European championships in 2017 on the island of Rhodes, the way for the 14th European Poomsae Championships for 2019 is set, waiting to distinguish top European taekwondo athletes of the discipline. In addition, the high level and competency in European Poomsae, bring along this time one more inaugural appearance of Taekwondo Europe's events; the 1st Open European Taekwondo Beach Championships, which will be realized right after the European Championships.

      In detail, the 14th European Poomsae Championships have been scheduled for 2-4 April 2019. Even though the exact location has not been agreed yet, it is expected to be announced during the upcoming days along with the outline, while the event is accessible only for European national teams to participate.

     Concerning the host country, Turkey has repeatedly shown its capability in organizing high-quality taekwondo events, while also being very successful in medal rankings. Worth to mention that during the European Poomsae Championships in 2017, where 524 athletes from the 28 countries competed in a total of 13 categories, Turkey had dominated both competition days. 

     Regarding the 1st Open European Taekwondo Beach Championships, the two previous world taekwondo championships in Rhodes demonstrated the European Poomsae athletes' skillfulness, thus, it is a great opportunity to further develop their competencies, in an event that has given a new character to the sport and is enjoyable from different dimensions, for both the competitors and spectators. The 1st Open European Taekwondo Beach Championships will be realized on 6th April 2019 and as an open event, it is accessible for all national teams worldwide to participate. 

     Further information on the city, accommodation, and competition categories are expected to be announced promptly.


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