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On 22 December, Taekwondo Europe for the first time organized a Coach Seminar in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina.
Mr. Miroslav Brezan supervised the event on behalf of Taekwondo Europe in his role as Chairman for the Athlete and Collegiate Committee.
The first topic of the course was
"Energy and recovery with balanced nutrition and supplements in taekwondo",  taught by Belmir Berberović.

Mr. Berberović is an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness and explained the basics of the importance of good nutrition in combination with Taekwondo training.
Mr. Haris Husić, taught the second course of the day and covered "How to achieve top result in Taekwondo".
As a successful trainer, Mr. Husić shared his experiences with the group of app. 30 coaches from the region.
Finally, Mr. Belmir Berberović discussed the WT Competition Rules and shared his experiences with the new rules and his work as International Referee.

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