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The Deputy Major of Leros island in Greece, George Zoumpoulis, visited the Taekwondo Europe office, where he met with the President Sakis Pragalos and was awarded the Honorary 5th Dan towards his actions on promoting sport and Taekwondo in this district area of Greek island province.

In detail, Leros is a Greek island and municipality in the Dodecanese island complex in the southern Aegean Sea. It lies more than 300 kilometres from Athens's port of Piraeus, close to the Turkish sea borders.

Mr. George Zoumpoulis, active in Taekwondo and its further development on the island, during his visit in Taekwondo Europe was committed in founding a World Taekwondo Club in Leros, as until now the only presence of the sport on the island was through ITF.

Through World Taekwondo, the sport will give the opportunity to its practitioners to be exposed to its Olympic character and values.

It is equally important to promote and develop Taekwondo in both urban areas, as well as the rural provinces of each country, and Leros island is an ideal example of how the sport can be embraced from such small-scaled communities - yet with major impact in the life of its inhabitants.





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