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Europe can look back at yet another amazing year! Once again,
Europe remains the leading Continental Union in the world with a
record number of not only athletes participating at our events but
also with a record number of 28 G-ranked events on our continent
including European Championships in 8 different member countries.
Our flagship event, the Extra G4 European Championships for
seniors in Italy was a huge success! Not only did we see the best of
the best athletes competing, also from an organizational
perspective, the Organizing Committee together my staff showed their creativity and
delivered wonderful championships by creating an amazing spectator experience by
introducing sport presentation. Also in 2019, we used our social media platforms to promote
our sport. We created for all events high quality teaser videos as well as highlight videos
afterwards in which the best moments of our events were captured! Our social media
platforms will also in 2020 be the main platform for our communication with our athletes and
coaches in their conquest to medals at our events.
We are on the eve of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. With 48 quotas up for grabbing, 13
European countries were able to grab 28 quotas in this early stage. Our European
Qualification tournament will be later than normal due to on the one hand an extremely busy
calendar and on the other hand the availability of our hosts. Nevertheless, I am certain that
Europe will once more flourish at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. For the first time in
history, a European athlete has the chance to write history and become a living legend: Jade
Jones has the opportunity go to battle for her 3rd consecutive Olympic Gold medal! Being
present at 3 Olympic Games, while remaining in between at the top of her weight division is
not only remarkable but with this achievement she earned our everlasting respect!
Taekwondo Europe will work closely together with WT and our member states in 2020 on
introducing the WT Coach Seminars throughout Europe. Under the leadership of dr.
Chungwon Choue, Europe will fully support the strategies of WT and will remain its closest
ally. For the first time in history, Taekwondo Europe, under the patronage of dr. Choue, will
host the European Championships for Small States in San Marino in June 2020. Innovations
in Motion is the slogan of Taekwondo Europe. In 2020 my team and I will work on more
innovations and making sure that our beloved sport will further develop in all European
countries and we will aim to have our events in the homes of our global Taekwondo Family,
giving our athletes the platform they deserve!
I would like to express my great appreciation to all International Referees, MNA officials,
Committee Chairmen and members, Council members and staff for their dedicated and
continuous service. Without your devotion our successes could not be realized! I would like
to wish all of you a prosperous New Year in which all your dreams may come true! But above
all I wish you and your Family a healthy 2020!


Sakis Pragalos

President Taekwondo Europe

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