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On Tuesday 11 December, the Latvian former and current taekwondo presidency visited Taekwondo Europe's offices and met with President Pragalos. The WTE Council Member and former Latvian taekwondo president Mr. Herman Mochalin, along with Mr. Roschin, who serves as Latvian taekwondo president at the moment and is a lawyer in profession, were warmly welcomed in Taekwondo Europe's offices.

During their meeting with WTE President Sakis Pragalos, the two parties disussed on a long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and equal opportunities taekwondo in the near future. Furthermore, the two parties also focused around the development of taekwondo in Latvia, activities pursued in national level to promote taekwondo and the engangement with the younger generation of athletes, as well as future events of Taekwondo Europe and the bidding opportunities for Latvian taekwondo federation, as it has already the experience of being an Organizing Committee and has proved that it posseses the know-how to successfully deliver a European taekwondo event.

In a friendly atmosphere, the two parties renewed their meeting in the perspectives of further collaboration and a joint effort towards the progress of taekwondo across Europe.





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