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The Olympic Wight Categories Championships is a European Taekwondo event counting only two versions since its launch in 2015. The event until now has been hosted biannually, yet the importance to the sustainable and competitive future of European Taekwondo in the
Olympic Games, have led to the decision that the championships will be carried out annually. Here are the landmarks of the event’s history and how it has evolved since its introduction four years ago.
Nalchik, Russia
The event that was introduced in the WTE calendar in 2015 and hosted in Nalchik, Russia, is ambitioned to introduce the taekwondo athletes to the official weight categories of Olympic Games and prepare them for the Tokyo 2020. The Russian Taekwondo Union hosted the 1st European Championships Olympic weight categories, in Nalchik Russia. During the four-day competition, the athletes accumulated
their last ranking points for participating at the Baku 2015 European Games. Each national team could bring maximum 2 athletes per weight category making the total number of athletes participating per national team to 16 athletes. The first European Championships Olympic weight categories was launched 26 March 2015 by the President of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, Yuri Kokov, in the Presence of the Minister of Sport of the republic, Mr. Aslanbek Khushtov, and Mr. Terekhov, President of the Russian Taekwondo Union, while in total 150 athletes competed in four Olympic weight categories. Local communication channels and national TV was present to cover the
inaugural event hosted in Russia and to promote the sport throughout the country and the
Sofia, Bulgaria
The 2nd Olympic Weight Categories Championships was realized in Sofia, Bulgaria in December 2017. The event was hosted in Asics arena and attracted in total 225 athletes from 34 countries, with the men's participations reaching up to 124 and women to 101 participants. Among others, the Opening Ceremony was honored by the presence of the Bulgarian Minister of Sports Krassen Kralev, the Ambassador of the Korean Republic in the Republic of Bulgaria Shin-Boo Nam, the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Bulgaria Nargiz Gurbanova and the World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos. The event was also broadcast by several national media and tv channels, while also numerous of press representatives covered the championships.
Dublin, Ireland 
This month the capital of Dublin in Ireland becomes the third host country of the Olympic Weight Categories Championships. The event is scheduled to be realized between 29 November and 1st December 2019 and is hosted in Sports Ireland Campus; a contemporary sports facilities campus designed to facilitate a wide range of sport events and host prominent championships. The Sport Ireland Campus will accommodate the all the operations of the event and will welcome all European and international taekwondo athletes.
The inaugural Youth Olympic Weight Categories Championships.
What is more this year, is that along with the Olympic Weight Categories Championships, the Youth Olympic Weight Categories will also be launched for the first time. The decision in distinguishing the two events came as an outcome of WTE intension and strategic development objectives that are mainly focused in evolving the younger generations of athletes and introducing them in the competitive environment of taekwondo in a younger age, in order to give them the necessary time frame to evolve as athletes. Taking also into consideration that through the ranking points accumulated in such competitions they can obtain the opportunity to qualify and participate in the Youth Olympic Games, it is indeed an exclusive opportunity to acquire the unique experience of participating in such an event at this early stage of their life.
2020 Olympic & Youth Olympic Categories Championships
Looking at the future of the championship, Bosnia & Herzegovina Taekwondo Federation, in scope of developing further the sport of taekwondo within the country, but also to enhance sports events and culture nationally, has taken up the hosting of the WTE Olympic Weight Categories and Youth Olympic Weight Categories Championships. The event is planned to be carried out during 28-29 October 2020 in Sarajevo and although further information concerning the venue, along with the official outline has not been announced yet, there is great anticipation for the event in the country.

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