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Taekwondo Europe hosts 1st Online Daedo Open European Poomsae Championships

30-03-2020 Hits:2964

        For the first time in its history Taekwondo Europe hosts an online P...

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Message of the President on Covid19 pandemic

21-03-2020 Hits:1736

  Addressing to Taekwondo Europe MNAs, the athletes and the entire taekwondo family, Taekwondo Europe P...

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Barbarino: "Olympics not as planned"

20-03-2020 Hits:1554

  With the best of intentions, Antonio Barbarino in his recent interview to German newspaper, expressed...

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Breaking news: EQT postponed!

11-03-2020 Hits:4363

    Based on the recent developments concerning the outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 virus, Pre...

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Taekwondo Europe postpones all non-essential events in March, April and May

10-03-2020 Hits:8271

  The Open European Para Championships, European Club Championships and the G4European Championships (S...

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EQT relocation to Moscow: Updates

09-03-2020 Hits:2674

  In the recent days, the Russian authorities have issued restricting measures concerning the entrance ...

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Outline - Generation 24 Region 5 (Russian version)

06-03-2020 Hits:2150

  The outline for the Generation 24 Region 5 event is now available for all participating countries. ...

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EQT relocated to Moscow

05-03-2020 Hits:4090

        After due consideration and in close cooperation with the Italian Ta...

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Update on EQT 2020 in Milan

03-03-2020 Hits:3256

  Taekwondo Europe has received many questions about the European Qualification Tournament in Milan. Pl...

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Mr. Schramm appointed Chairman of WTE TV & Media Committee

03-03-2020 Hits:1228

(Photo: WTE President Sakis Pragalos, Mr. Edmund Schramm, WTE Secretary-General Michael Fysentzidis)   ...

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Dr. Sun Jae Park, Honorary President of ETU

28-02-2020 Hits:859

      Today 4 years have passed since the news reached us of the passing of dr. Sun J...

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Ioannis Mouroutsos appointed Sport Director of Taekwondo Europe

26-02-2020 Hits:1929

    As an outgrowth of consistent work and devotion to the sport and its developement in Europ...

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Milica Mandic

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Carlo Molfetta

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Isaev Radik